Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Be passionate

This morning I want to talk to you a little bit about your passions. Those things that you take so seriously in your life and put all of your effort into them. I want to tell you that they are so important in your walk with God, because if you can put that much passion into a worldly thing, can you imagine when it is backed up by the creator of everything? The Lord blesses those who speak His name.

So if you have a passion to sing, sing with all of your heart, and praise God in that passion, praise Him that you have a voice to lift.

If you have a passion for sports, give Glory to God for the strength He gives you when you play.

If you have a passion for taking care of people, love them like the Father first loved you.

And in all these passions, just show God, that you are even more passionate about Him, and His love, because there is nothing that can compare!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Today, we take specific time to celebrate that My Jesus is alive. That you and I had our eternity paid for through suffering, through blood, and through ridicule. Today we celebrate that God sacrificed His son, so that He could spend eternity with His children. That He watched, as His pride and joy, bled and suffered, so that we didn't have to. In scripture it said that the sky went black and the earth shook! Do you know why? Because God was in such grief, that He shook, and His vision when black from the pain He felt. And He did that for you! Because He loves you so much, He was willing to put Himself and His Son through that pain, so that you could have Joy. 

So thank you Jesus for sacrificing yourself for me, and thank you God, for sacrificing your son for me. And I praise you, that He rose from the grave, and that He is living in me today, and that He is coming back again. In your heavenly name I pray, Amen.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Prayer for peace

I just want to take a moment this afternoon to pray a blessing of peace on all of you today. The stress of everyday life tries it's best to knock you down, but know this, that my God will knock right back when you call upon His name. 

So Father, just pour your peace out on your people today, show them that the troubles of today only last for a moment, but your love and your peace lasts forever. And when stress , and drama come knocking at their door, they can confidently walk away because they know that you will take care of unwanted visitors. And Lord, while I'm at it, I just ask you to form our hearts to know and love your people, the way that you know them, and their troubles. That we would be sensitive to peoples needs, and have a heart to help them through their struggles. And Jesus, give us all the strength to hang up our troubles before we go home today, knowing that there will be less when we return, because you are so good, and so loving. amen

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The starting line is here

I want you to look at where you are at this very instant, whether you are reading your bible, playing a video game, or turning away from God; and I want you to draw a starting line at your feet. Where you are, right now, is where your race begins. You can't stand idle because you are not in the ideal situation. 

I am guilty of this, God tells me to do something for Him and I say, " God, don't you see where I am? Don't you see how I've turned from you? I'll do it when I am a better me." And he turns to me and says, "this will make you a better you." 

What I am trying to get at tonight, is don't let where you are right now, hinder you from where you are going! Start here, start now, and make a difference for God today.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Keep Our Focus on Christ

Continuing on in my Peter theme from before:
"But seeing the wind, he became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, "Lord, save me!" Immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and took hold of him, and said to him, "You of little faith, why did you doubt?" When they got into the boat, the wind stopped." (Matthew 14:30-32 NASB)

Notice the wind kept blowing even after he cried out to Jesus? We don't know how far Peter got before the waves took hold of his fears, but even after putting his focus back on Jesus Peter still had to walk back through those fears to reach the boat, THEN, and only then, did the storm calm. Keeping our focus on Christ doesn't mean we won't have to walk through trials, just that with him we will be able to safely walk through them.

Defeat Hesitation

Why are we always hesitant when it comes to confirming that something is really God? It's like we think we either have to jump blind or turn away, but that's not what happened with Jesus. In Matthew 14:28 when Peter walked on water his first thought was to ask "Lord if it's really you, bid me come" and what happened? Jesus confirmed that he should come! If you doubt, don't hesitate to check that it is God, there will be times to jump blindly but Jesus won't be offended if you ask for confirmation!


Wait patiently for the lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the lord. (Psalms 27:14 NLT)

Any time the Bible repeats something you know it's important, and here it's in a single verse! Wait patiently... Not an easy task, waiting isn't so hard but we're alwayspushing pushing pushing! I'm going to try to just sit back and rest in God's love for awhile. 
As a side note, the way patience is on both sides of courage, maybe they are connected somehow? Perhaps waiting on him gives us courage?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Light the Fire again

Father, I'm calling out to you, don't let my flame grow dim, light the fire inside me again. Let every heart right now, be set ablaze with your Holy Spirit, in a brand new, and completely refreshed way! Let us heat your voice clearer than we ever have before, and Father, give us the boldness to step out in faith, knowing that we in and of ourselves are not enough, but it doesn't matter because our hearts are so convicted to do your work! Make a change in our attitudes, mold us so that we don't even recognize ourselves because we look so much more like you! Let every breath we take and every word that pours from our mouths be for your glory! Do not let us become lukewarm, for you said that you detest that, and shall vomit it  out from your mouth. Father, we love you so much, and we are so thankful for what your are doing in our lives. And Lord....bring us the opportunity to spread your love every day of our lives. In the name of Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Jehovah I pray, Amen.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Being the Light

It is our responsibility as believers to be the light in this world, because if Jesus is the light in the darkness, and we have Him in our hearts, we must radiate His love. For we have been told to go out, and make followers of many nations. The only way to do that is to love God and love His people. In 1 Timothy, we are told to set an example in speech, on conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity. Guys, it is laid out, right there what we must do. God wants to use you for incredible things, and He will use you for things He can't use anybody else for. That is the very reason that you are one of a kind. So this morning, I want to pray activation over your gifts. That you never even knew that you had! One day, you will stand in front of believers and non believers alike and say, "this is who God is to me, will you stand with me?" ....and one day, those people will say yes, and they will never be the same, because you trusted God, and allowed Him to activate this gifts in you. Glory to God in the highest, His love endures forever, Amen.