Thursday, May 21, 2015

Same heart

It seems odd to me, that we, with all the best intentions will defend people despite their actions one moment, and the next judge somebody else for theirs. We tear people down for saying the painful truth, but we welcome sweet lies. But, my pint tonight is really this, can we ask followers of Christ in good conscience judge people on a grounds that is not level? Do we count some actions as worse than others just because they are a different type? I for one can not. We can not condemn one person, and then dismiss another. For the word says, that hatred is the same as murder, that to look lustfully is the same as adultery. Yet so often, even in those that I look highly upon, I watch those standards fail on one, yet succeed on another! I am speaking to myself as well as most everybody out there tonight, we MUST stop this double standard, we MUST move forward in the kingdom in a way that is honorable to the Lord in EVERYTHING that we do, not just where we choose, and not just for people we have a history with. Especially for those that we don't! Especially for those with the orphaned soul, especially for those who have been hurt! 

Father, tonight I pray that you give us each the wisdom that we need, and the compassion to treat those who you have called with the kind of love that you first showed us! Lord, give us the eyes of Christ, to look past our own assumptions, to look past people's failings, and to see the abundant life, and the incredible purpose that you have for people's lives! And I ask that you destroy what our hearts once stood for, and you create it anew, to be a heart that is completely after you, and a heart that love like you first Loved us! In Jesus Christ Heavenly name I pray, Amen!